Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing


Know if you have it.

Know if you've already had it.


RT-PCR Swab Test - 1 Hour results                         

      Satisfies state/international travel requirements. It is the responsibility

of the traveler to insure all air carrier or destination requirements are communicated.

We do not accept responsibility for travel requirements only test results. (excludes Hawaii)

Rapid Antigen Test - 30-60 minutes results

Rapid Antibody Test - 30-60 minutes results

Call if your test date shows no availability... we add testing times daily.
No Refund if appointment Cancelled or Missed after appointment time.
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A nasal swab LAB TEST using PCR technology (99.8% sensitive) determines if you have an active COVID-19 infection. This test meets all travel and regulatory requirements.



A nasal swab ON-SITE TEST (87% sensitive) determines if you have a COVID-19 infection. Best for peace of mind in social settings. This test does not meet travel or pre-procedure medical testing requirements.

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Receive both RT-PCR SWAB TEST (results emailed to you between (9pm-midnight) and a RAPID ANTIBODY TEST (fingerstick blood drop with results in 15 min detecting immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus)

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We travel to the location of your choice and collect your RT-PCR TEST specimen for transport 

Steps to getting your COVID-19 Test

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Will your PCR Swab Test satisfy travel, school, and government agency requirements?

YES.  We utilize the gold standard PCR testing from a CLIA-certified laboratory to produce official lab results.  These lab results (emailed to you in PDF form) satisfy the documentation requirements required by all airlines, countries, schools, and other agencies.  Please schedule your test according to your specific timing needs (e.g. negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72-96 hours of boarding).

Who can get tested for COVID-19?

We are currently providing testing for anyone who wishes to be tested regardless of symptom status.


Why should I get tested?

The coronavirus outbreak is a serious health problem that the whole world is facing today. At IVology we are offering dual methods of coronavirus testing so you and your loved ones can find out you have a current infection, or if you have been infected in the past and developed immunity.

Do I need a referral to get tested?

No, you do not need a referral to be tested by our facility.

Why test at your site?

Convenience and Accuracy.  Our facility is located in Santa Barbara, where you can simply drive to our parking lot, park in an empty spot, and one of our staff will come to your car window obtain the testing specimen.  The whole process takes 10 minutes or less.  Our laboratory uses FDA Authorized Laboratory Equipment to perform PCR testing, thus we are able to provide our patients with results by the end of the day, usually around 11pm. We have also secured validated & FDA authorized rapid antibody test kits with high sensitivity and specificity, so you can be assured that your test results are accurate and reliable. Rapid antibody test results are available in just 10 minutes while you wait in your car.

What Testing Methods for COVID-19 do you offer?

We are offering two testing methods to detect coronavirus:

  • PCR Testing via nasal swab or mouth swab (tests for active infection)

  • Rapid antibody test using lateral flow assay cassettes (tests for previous infection)

Are the tests FDA approved?

Yes. Both tests are approved under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization program.

Does your facility provide testing for companies and employees?

Yes, our facility can arrange testing for your company and all of your employers at our facility or at your workplace. Please contact us for more information.  Group discounts are available.


Do you take insurance?

No, but we will provide you with an insurance superbill upon request.  You can submit this bill to your insurance and any reimbursement will go directly to you.

How do I book a testing appointment?

Simply click here to book an available slot at our facility.

Who administers the test?

One of our licensed clinicians will perform the test which involves either a nasal swab or a blood draw to collect the sample.

Which COVID swab do you use?

The CDC recommends either a nasopharyngeal swab (back of the sinuses) OR posterior oropharynx swab (back of the throat).  The CDC does NOT recommend the anterior nares or saliva test, as these collections methods (while less uncomfortable) may decrease the sensitivity of the test.

Does it matter if I do an oral or nasal swab?

According to the CDC, the nasopharyngeal (back of the sinuses) swab or oropharyngeal (back of the throat) swab collection methods are the most accurate methods to detect the COVID-19 virus. Most find the nasopharyngeal swab uncomfortable, therefore most patients prefer the oropharyngeal over the nasopharyngeal route.  When performed correctly by a health professional, an oropharyngeal swab can be done with minimal discomfort to you as a patient, with equal sensitivity for the COVID-19 virus.


How does it work if I choose to do a swab test?

Our medical staff will be dressed in full protective gear (suit, face shield, mask, and gloves) while performing the test. Once you are in our parking space to get tested, you will stay in your car and simply roll down your window so our staff can perform the test. The physician or nursing staff will carefully slide a thin swab into your nose, all the way back to your sinuses, for a nasopharyngeal swab. If you chose the oropharyngeal method, you will be instructed to open your mouth and the swab will be inserted to touch the back of the throat to obtain the sample.  A sterile wooden tongue depressor may be necessary to push your tongue down.  Touching the back of the sinuses or the back of the throat for 10 seconds is the best way to obtain a true specimen.

What is a Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test?

Another coronavirus testing method is the rapid COVID test kit. It is safe, quick, and painless. This test kit detects antibodies against COVID which typically rise within 1-2 weeks after infection.  The rapid COVID-19 Antibody test requires a blood sample to detect antibodies against coronavirus in your bloodstream. Our physicians will perform a simple finger prick, obtain your blood sample, and use the kit accordingly. Results are available in 10 minutes.

What is the purpose of the antibody test?

Antibody tests can help reveal past exposure by detecting antibodies in the blood, which are produced in response to a specific infection like COVID-19.

What to do after getting tested?

After you are tested, your test results will be emailed to you securely, once available.


How long will it take to get results?

COVID-19 Nasal/Oral PCR Swab Test results will be emailed to you by the end of the day, usually around 11pm.  COVID-19 Rapid Antibody tests take only 10 minutes to produce results while you wait in your car.

How can I check on my results?

For any questions regarding test results please email us at

Who will be administering the test?

Tests are performed by our clinic staff

How accurate are the tests?

Swab Test – 99% if collected properly according to CDC guidelines

Antibody Test – 98%


What do I do if I test positive?

Please follow CDC Guidelines for any positive results here.

What other services do you offer?

We are a dermatology clinic offering all services associated.

Why take a COVID-19 Antibody Test?

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is caused by a virus known by the scientific community as SARS-CoV-2. This virus is also called the "Novel" Coronavirus because prior to late 2019, this specific strain of Coronavirus had never been seen in the human population.  Humans have not developed widespread immunity to this virus. However, thousands of people have been infected with this virus and recovered. They will typically have antibodies to this virus present in their blood, long after symptoms are gone.  If you have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in your blood, regardless of whether or not you had symptoms, it suggests you may be immune to getting the disease again.

What's the difference between IgM and IgG antibodies?

The difference between IgM and IgG is timing of infection.  IgG denotes longer term immunity, whereas IgM typically means infection has occurred from 2 to 6 weeks ago. 


When are IgM and IgG antibodies detectable in the blood?

  • IgM antibodies are detectable approximately 12 days after exposure (or 5 days after symptoms onset)

  • IgG antibodies are detectable approximately 3 weeks after exposure (or 2 weeks after symptoms onset)

How do you interpret results from the test?

IgM    IgG    Interpretation

  -          -       Person has not been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or Person has not yet produced antibodies

 +          -       Suggests patient is in very early stages of infection

 +         +       Suggests patient is in active phase of infection.

  -         +       Suggests a past or current infection

What does the antibody test results mean for me?

Individuals who test positive for IgG are candidates for plasma donation to those afflicted with COVID-19. Coronavirus is early in its evolution to predict immunity and re-infectivity with 100% certainty.  Based on experience with other viruses, antibody development in the setting of past infection and no current symptoms, means you’re able to resume work and other daily activities in society.


Keep in mind, if you suspect you have symptoms of COVID-19 but are not too ill, we ask that you follow the recommended protocol to stay home and take supportive measures until you get better.  Please contact us immediately for guidance on your condition.  If you become increasingly ill, have difficulty breathing or have severe weakness, you must go to the nearest emergency room. Do not wait to be tested in our office.